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Cari Hernandez

Both DVDs will best serve artists that already posses a strong understanding of basic encaustic painting, including best practices when building a panel based work that include: good use of grounds & supports, basic fusing techniques, and materials & studio safety.

WAX Twist: advanced encaustic techniques covers:

  1. -working with 3D mixed medium forms

  2. -non traditional substraights

  3. -creating in-depth color studies

  4. -combining fiber & encaustic

  5. -encaustic altered books

  6. -refined fusing techniques

  7. -and much much more!

WAX Twist: advanced encaustic techniques DVD is an informative resource for artists looking to learn about innovative techniques in working with the encaustic medium. Cari brings this information together in a fun and easy-to-understand presentation, visually demonstrating the techniques in a clear and concise way. She has been teaching and lecturing nationally on the subject for the past seven years, and now brings some of her most requested teachings together in this unique DVD. Take a look at a clip from the DVD, or consider joining Cari in a workshop.

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all content (C) 2012 Cari Hernandez

photographs:  stills from WAX Twist: advanced encaustic techniques, Jeffrey Samorano

What artists are saying about WAX Twist: advanced encaustic techniques:

I've thoroughly enjoyed Wax Twist; Cari Hernandez's informative video on mixed media encaustic techniques. Cari walks you though these more advanced techniques step by step; she's thoughtful, patient and generous. Her ideas on color, 3-D forms and altered imagery will send you straight to the studio. I couldn't wait to get working! Thanks Cari. - Mary Farmer

I really love your DVD.  I have taken two one-day workshops with you and was astounded about how much  information I had assumed I would remembered --  but was amazed had I forgotten.   The DVD is as if I am taking a nine day workshop with you.  Exhausting, really!   Reviewing it has revitalized and inspired me to look beyond the norm and the  obvious encaustic techniques.  I have created my first "altered book"  and am actually loving it.   So many ideas, so little time.....Each time I play WaxTwist I am reminded of something more I can do.... -Anne Smidt

In the DVD WAX Twist, Cari Hernandez goes beyond what information is traditionally offered in other DVDs and books on the subject. This really is a great next step for artist working in the medium who know the basics, but are looking for other ideas and techniques. From printing on silks and tissue paper to making an artist book with encaustics, this DVD helps get the creative juices flowing and makes you want to get into your studio asap and start working. - Sarah Rehmer

Cari shares her "magic touch" with us as she manipulates the wax...it is mesmerizing to watch the way she swirles the paint on to the panels. This DVD is very well produced and you can expect to learn a great deal from watching Cari, even if you already have experience with encaustics. -Elaine Weeks

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WAX Twist: Folding, Twisting, Curling

Welcome to the exciting world of creating

hand-sculpted 3D forms entirely from encaustic!

In this innovative DVD you will learn the

step-by-step techniques for creating an amazing

array of 3D forms entirely from encaustic. Cari has spent several years developing this sculpted work and shares her personal methods employing a truly unique process.

Additional topics covered:

  1. -incorporating the work into panel

  2. -painting and refining the forms

  3. -image transfer onto the forms

  4. -review of color & fusing methods

  5. -installation ideas

The DVD concludes with shipping methods and

resources. Approx 95 minute run time.

ribbon & floral shapes made entirely of encaustic

examples of sculpted floral forms